Joe Trubenstein
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  • Front End

    There's nothing quite like the feeling of finally getting that div just where you want it to be.

  • Back End

    Except perhaps the feeling of your server spinning up.

  • Databases

    SQL or No, I'm happy to query my way around.

  • Deployment

    A little bit JAMstack obsessed these days, but still love AWS.

Recent Projects

Sunset in the mountains

React, MongoDB, TailwindCSS, and the Google Maps API.

Sunset in the mountains

A GatsbyJS static photography portfolio written in React, using Material UI.

Sunset in the mountains

A GatsbyJS site using MongoDB, and Material UI.

My favorite open-source tools.

  • GatsbyJS for exceptionally fast static pages and apps.

  • ExpressJS for clear, concise server-side development.

  • Ghost for modern blogs with a friendly CMS.

  • MongoDB for flexible and dynamic databases.